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RPRA Requirements

Designation Requirements

Application Deadline: March 1

Please submit your application with your appraisal demo by the application deadline listed above. Debe Alvarez, ASFMRA Education & Accreditation Manager is available to assist you with questions at or (303) 692-1225.

(Please take a look at the Accreditation Checklist under Helpful Links below for full details)

  1. Provide evidence of certification as a Certified General Appraiser
  2. Required coursework
 ASFMRA Best in Business Ethics course   5 Hours
 Integrated Approaches to Value (A304) 
30 Hours
      Foundations of Appraisal Review (A600) 40 Hours
      Introduction to Appraisal Review (A360) 16 Hours
      Appraisal Review Under USPAP (A370) 24 Hours
      Appraisal Review Under UASFLA (A380) 20 Hours
      Advanced Appraisal Review Case Studies (A390) 20 Hours
  1. For RPRA, Five years of experience in the discipline of appraisal, appraisal review or a combination of both. One year of appraisal review experience within the last three years is required. The completion of twenty-five (25) narrative reviews or one hundred (100) form reviews shall be considered the equivalent of one year of experience. Appraisal experience submitted shall be evaluated the same as the A.R.A.
  2. Submit one demonstration review report.
  3. ASFMRA membership prior to submitting an application for accreditation.
  4. Comprehensive RPRA Accrediting Exam

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